Sattler 47" Awning

Our premium awning fabrics are made from 100 % solution-dyed acrylic. This guarantees top-level functionality, outstanding UV protection and an amazing textile feel. Colors resist fading, and fabrics will not break down even after years of exposure to the sun. Solution-dyed means that the pigment is already added to the yarn during the manufacturing process. Therefore „bleaching“ is never an issue for Sattler fabrics. And since ACRYLIC yarn is resistant to UV withouth having to add any chemical substances, your awning will last for many years and maintain its stability! Moreover, with TEXgard, Sattler‘s exclusive finish, water pearls off the surface and dirt does not
adhere to it. This finish acts as a protection shield on the fabric. In our elements range, textured acrylic yarns are woven together.

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