Tempotest Star FR

TempotestStar Home FR® is an innovative fabric made with an innovative 100% solution dyed PET fibre with Flame Retardant properties.
Parà is currently able to offer the possibility to print on the colors 7015/100.
TempotestStar Home FR® keeps the characteristics of all Tempotest Home® fabrics of high-tenacity, excellent colourfastness to sunlight and resistance to UV rays attack. The Teflon® EXTREME treatment by Parà results in the fabric being hydro and oil-repellent, anti-mould, stain and salt resistant.
But it is also classified anti-flame in Class 1 in accordance with the laws in force in Italy UNI 9176, B1 in Germany, M1 in France and it has also obtained the U.S. certifications NFPA 701-10.
Its characteristics make it particularly suitable for use in public areas such as hotels, bars, restaurants and public buildings.

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